Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Billing Questions:

Q. When is my payment due?
A. Our service is pre-pay however we accept payment until the 7th of the month that your paying for without penality.

Q. What are your late fee's?
A. Your account will be debited $5 for paying after the 7th of the month.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. Cash brought into our office, checks that are left in our dropbox or mailed, and credit/debt cards that are called in or on our automatic payment system.

Q. Do you have contracts?
A. No we are a pre-pay service provider.

Q. Are there any taxes?
A. As of this time no.

Service Questions:

Q. Do you data limits?
A. All packages that we offer are unlimited data usage.

Q. Do you block any services?
A. We offer a pure non-blocking internet service. We do not prevent you from using any legal thrid-party service such as netflix, hulu, or voice over IP providers.

Q. If my service is not working and I am not reciving a web page that states that you have been suspended for non-payment what should I do?
A. During business hours it is best to call me so that I can trouble shoot any connection issue. After hours it's best to contact us through the SmythNet facebook messages and wait for us to examine the connection. If you feel it has taken too long for us to respond or really need your internet connection back quickly then we recommend you restart your home wireless router. You can restart your router by removing it's power cable and wait for a few seconds for the lights to go go out then plug it back in. Do not "reset" your router using the reset button. You may be charged a re-programing fee if you do. The outside equipment should rarely need to be restarted. If you feel there is a need to restart the outside equipment then you do it first then wait about one minute before restarting your home wireless router.

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